About Us

The Academy is born under the sign of the pomegranate, a symbol of renovation, multiplicity, fecundity and universality, but mainly of diversity. Its purpose is that of constituting an independent moral authority, strengthening solidarity among countries and peoples of Latin culture, and reinforcing the legitimate presence of Latinity’s contributions – past, present, and future – in all domains of civilization. It undertakes and develops cultural and scientific actions to meet this aim, and supports the interchange between all cultures of the world.

Notwithstanding their extreme diversity, Latin peoples can be proud of a common unita multiplex: the Latinity, which flares resplendently under multicolor angles and in networks of cultural and linguistic affinities.

The Academy is also born from the awareness, in several Latin countries, that it is nowadays essential to communicate to the world the message of Latin cultural and linguistic diversity. For, from Buenos Ayres to Bucharest, passing by Bogotá, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris and Rome, we are surprised by the mutual lack of knowledge about artists, scientists, scholars, writers and intellectuals nourished in the Latin source: that of man in his dignity as person and his inalienable freedom as human being. This is the reason why the Academy, among its main actions, promotes seminars, publications, scholarships, and expositions.

Thus, the Academy opposes the damages that could arise from the imbalances introduced by the globalization of the means of communication and interchange, to the detriment of Latin countries languages, cultures and values.

The Academy supports:

  • the necessity of facing the risks of cultural uniformization;
  • the valorization of creative capacity, wealth and cultural diversity of Latin peoples within human society;
  • the importance of Latin civilization’s contributions to democracy;
  • the eminent role of Latinity as memory, source of innovation and anticipation.

From the Far Occident to Buenos Ayres, from the Far Orient to Bucharest, Goa or Macau, a question remains suspended for all the Latin countries: what will be the role of Latinity in the globalization era? For Latinity is a repository of entire memory panels of humanity’s cultural diversity, which still can bring us something capable of guiding us in the realm of thought and in everyday life, above all the responsibility for a GlobaLatinization of respect for human dignity as the basis of freedom and democracy. Therefore, Latinity is the federative idea through which all the Latin peoples can associate their projects of identity and return to their source of culture and civilization.

Given its mission, the Academy of Latinity cannot remain indifferent to such search for sense and new humanities, in an era that is already planetary.

Nota bene: Since the sinister September 11, 2001, the Academy of Latinity has been working, by all intellectual means, in a logic of trustfulness such as the friendship that grows out from the life of the spirit and the search for truth, on the dialogue between Latinity and the Islamic heritage.