Culture of the Difference in Eurasia: Azerbaijan—Past and Present in the Dialogue of Civilizations


Table of Contents


1 – The Latin Interlocution

2 – Religion, Secularization, Modernization

3 – Post-Modernity and Critical Thought

4 – Transculturalism and Borderlands

5 – Hegemony and Domination

Appendix 1

  • Idea of Azerbaijanism, Idea of Unitary Secular State System, Moral Values of Religions
    Rafig Aliyev
  • Azerbaijan at the Crossroads of Civilizations
    Mubariz Qurbanli
  • Globalization in Estimation of Muslim Scientists
    Vasim M. Mamedaliyev


Appendix 2

  • Foi et droit: statut de la lettre et fonction du récit dans l’élaboration de la norme
    Jean-Michel Blanquer


Appendix 3

  • Les exilés du dialogue
    Jean Baudrillard